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Tandem Psychiatric and Family Practice, PLLC is an outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation services provider in Stafford, Texas, focusing on mental and behavioral issues of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, bipolar disorder, and ADHD, among others.

Our Mission Statement

Tandem Psychiatric and Family Practice, PLLC is on the mission of helping individuals who have mental and behavioral health issues live a life that is truly theirs. Through our open and evidence-based research, we aim to equip each one of our patients with the tools to have fulfilling relationships, achieve their utmost God-given potential, and lead a healthy and happy life.

Our Vision Statement

We envision Tandem Psychiatric and Family Practice, PLLC to have a significant role in creating a more accepting society for all through our commitment to providing high-quality and compassionate mental and behavioral interventions to everyone who needs them.

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Who We Are

Formed in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, Tandem Psychiatric and Family Practice, PLLC has seen how emotionally unprepared most of us are in the face of unforeseen events and how important having a strong emotional foundation is.

In line with this, going into our practice, we have made sure that the delivery of our services considers the collective trauma that the pandemic has had on everyone. From children, preteens, teenagers to adults, our combined 40 years of experience in patient care has helped us create a practice that is flexible and conducive to all age demographics in our service areas of Illinois, Texas, and Washington.

Moreover, as a Christian-based outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation clinic, we draw on our Christian faith to come up with solutions that combine patients’ faith with the principles of psychology to improve mental and behavioral health issues and the daily challenges that come with it.

Regardless of your faith, however, you can trust us to work with you in creating the best possible outcome for you. We will listen to you with an open heart and a non-judgmental ear so you can start living a life in full health and exactly the way you want to.

Armed with Hope for Your Healing and Recovery

Take back control of your life and live it on your own terms, seek the help you need today.

Get started by undergoing mental and behavioral health testing and evaluation. Kindly schedule an appointment with one of our professionals here. To know more about our services and rates, don’t hesitate to send us a message here.

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