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There is nothing more challenging than having to battle our own selves for a chance to live happily and fulfilled. Fortunately, there is hope. Through our professional psychiatric, behavioral, and mental health services, you can get treated, heal, and recover from your condition and live a life according to how you want it. Let us equip you with the tools and strategies you need in becoming who you are really meant to be—in control, capable, thriving, and happy.

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Designed with the actual you in mind, our mental and behavioral health services are customizable to address your unique needs and situation.

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Suicidal Ideation

We will help you stop your harmful thoughts in their tracks.

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Bipolar Disorder

Leading a balanced life even with bipolar disorder is possible with help.

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Behavioral Issues

Let us equip you with useful strategies that make every day easier.

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Personality Disorders

Allow us to help you be on the way to treatment and recovery.

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Tandem Psychiatric and Family Practice, PLLC is on the mission of helping individuals who have mental and behavioral health issues live a life that is truly theirs…

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